The Real Pain of Red Pill

To take the Red Pill feels like literally killing yourself. It’s like dying.

When you’re nowhere close to reaching the socially conditioned ideals, it’s easy to accept it. But the moment that beta deep down in you gets a bit of a hope … he’ll come out fully and completely.

Most guys who think they’ve taken the Red Pill haven’t really done so. The beta lives inside. There’s a difference between being aware of the theory, believe in it rationally and accepting it on every level of your personality… even deep down in your subconscious. Even if you thought he’s long dead.

It will crush your belief system, kill a part of your personality and put you in existential crisis. The more you resist it the longer it’s going to last.

It’s not a nice place to be in.

No wonder 99% of people guard their socially conditioned ideals with such ferocity. Even go as far as convincing others, including their friends and family about it. Even go as far as breaking friendships and killing and dying for them.

It’s a question of spiritual life and death. The coward inside, he’ll fight with all he’s got.

But to kill him, means rising again stronger. It means a big step towards realising your potential as a man.

The crash between the old and the new can turn you into a nihilist for a while. It can make you miserable.

But when you finally let it go… that’s when you rise from the ashes.

Kill the idealist in you, so you can make your dreams a reality instead of dreaming about them.