Motivation is for Losers

You know how some of these guys share motivational quotes all over their social media as if they were Muhammad Ali himself?

Notice it’s usually the less successful ones among your friends.

Motivation is the new addiction. Everyone is looking to get their hit on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, “Inspirational” blogs, books, movies…

So many believe all it takes is motivation. We have goals and desires, it’s just that motivation to make us get up and get things done.

Get fucking real.

Do you really believe there’s some magical emotion that will do it for you? No work, no struggle needed… all it takes is motivation and things just happen.


Yeah we want quick results, with minimum effort. We’re looking for “secrets” and “uncommon” solutions … magic formulas, nobody else knows.

Because we’re fucking lazy.

Forget about magic formulas. It’s a scam. Motivation is a scam too.

When you get motivated, it only feels good. Do you know why? Because your brain partly believes you’re already successful.

It rewards success with a dopamine hit. And dopamine feels good. That’s why cocaine, gambling or porn are so addictive; they all stimulate your dopamine receptors.

But it’s proper function is to make you do things that make you an evolutionary success. Such as making money and getting laid.

In other words, when you succeed your brain rewards it with a dopamine hit, so you crave that hit next time and repeat the action.

And you’re just wasting it on fantasies, Instagram quotes and other bullshit.

You basically tricked your brain to believe reading motivational quotes, articles and other crap equals success.

If you want to get things done there’s no place for emotions. Because emotions are a burden to execution.

Chuck Close said “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

Yeah having drive helps. Being motivated helps. But motivation should come after you’ve done your work, not before. It should be a reward you crave next time you start.

Real motivation comes with progress. And progress comes with discipline. To have discipline you need to calm your mind and execute. You don’t think or feel, you do. 

Then, after you do something well, you start to feel good about it. And that good feeling is the dopamine. Now you’re using it correctly.

Discipline doesn’t work without a structure. You need to make it clear to yourself what you’re doing.

Having a goal isn’t enough. Minimise the number of actions into simple, easy to execute structure.

If you want to build a body, lift. Want to become a writer? Then write, every day, 15 minutes minimum. Want to build a business? Sell.

Yeah there are many other aspects to take care of. But you want to identify the single element that’s core to getting results, isolate it and do it, daily. Then you build a structure around it.

You lift daily. You might as well start to eat well. You eat well, you might as well count your macros.

You want to start a business. Get a prototype and start selling. Once you’re selling you start seeing what’s missing and you get that done to support your core activity.

You start writing. You write daily. You may as well start improving your style and writing in general.

At the beginning there’s a simple structure and a discipline. Structure and discipline create a system. A system is something that evolves and improves.

Forget motivational bullshit. You’re not meant to be an emotion junkie. Pick one thing, clear your mind and do it repeatedly.