Fuck Feelings… Reason and Logic are Your Most Masculine Assets

As a man, logic and reason are your most powerful masculine assets. Look around you, the great world we live in has been built by men.

The men of logic and reason. Not emotional wimps.

“Listen to your emotions.” “Do what you feel.” That bullshit is a product of a feminized world.

It’s not healthy. Men are not healthy today. The high suicide rates among western men are the most evident proof.

Why? We’re the generation of men raised by women.

We allowed emotions to integrate into our masculine lives.

One man I highly respect used to tell her daughter, a woman I dated, “don’t mix emotions to where they don’t belong.”

That’s right.

Don’t feel like doing the work that needs to be done? Snap out of that feeling. Tune into reason. Get shit done.

Don’t feel motivated? Fuck that emotion. Fuck motivation too. No feeling will get anything done for you.

Does that mean you should be a heartless robot? No. Don’t be. Use reason to stay on your path. To achieve your highest purpose. Don’t let emotions interfere with it.

Enjoy the feeling after. Enjoy the positive emotions when they matter. But let your reason decide when’s the right time to do so.

Emotions are to be your servant. Not your master.

Look around you again. This is the world built by men. The pyramids. The skyscrapers. The highways. The satellites. The greatest works of art.

There’s a reason why men have 15 times more testosterone than women, different bodies and different biochemistry. It’s our biology that makes us who we are. It’s our god given purpose to be ruled by reason and logic.

Let women be emotional. It’s their default, no matter what current feminized system want us to convince of.

This world is governed by the rules of biology and physics for billions of years ever since it exists. And it will be governed by the rules of biology and physics for billions of years to come.

After man and his social constructs no longer exist. Ideas and feelings come and go. Biology and physics prevail.

It’s natural. It’s your purpose. Tune into your reason and let it govern your emotions, not the other way around.

Be who you are meant to be. A man.