Fuck Feelings… Reason and Logic are Your Most Masculine Assets

As a man, logic and reason are your most powerful masculine assets. Look around you, the great world we live in has been built by men.

The men of logic and reason. Not emotional wimps.

“Listen to your emotions.” “Do what you feel.” That bullshit is a product of a feminized world.

It’s not healthy. Men are not healthy today. The high suicide rates among western men are the most evident proof.

Why? We’re the generation of men raised by women.

We allowed emotions to integrate into our masculine lives.

One man I highly respect used to tell her daughter, a woman I dated, “don’t mix emotions to where they don’t belong.”

That’s right.

Don’t feel like doing the work that needs to be done? Snap out of that feeling. Tune into reason. Get shit done.

Don’t feel motivated? Fuck that emotion. Fuck motivation too. No feeling will get anything done for you.

Does that mean you should be a heartless robot? No. Don’t be. Use reason to stay on your path. To achieve your highest purpose. Don’t let emotions interfere with it.

Enjoy the feeling after. Enjoy the positive emotions when they matter. But let your reason decide when’s the right time to do so.

Emotions are to be your servant. Not your master.

Look around you again. This is the world built by men. The pyramids. The skyscrapers. The highways. The satellites. The greatest works of art.

There’s a reason why men have 15 times more testosterone than women, different bodies and different biochemistry. It’s our biology that makes us who we are. It’s our god given purpose to be ruled by reason and logic.

Let women be emotional. It’s their default, no matter what current feminized system want us to convince of.

This world is governed by the rules of biology and physics for billions of years ever since it exists. And it will be governed by the rules of biology and physics for billions of years to come.

After man and his social constructs no longer exist. Ideas and feelings come and go. Biology and physics prevail.

It’s natural. It’s your purpose. Tune into your reason and let it govern your emotions, not the other way around.

Be who you are meant to be. A man.

The Real Pain of Red Pill

To take the Red Pill feels like literally killing yourself. It’s like dying.

When you’re nowhere close to reaching the socially conditioned ideals, it’s easy to accept it. But the moment that beta deep down in you gets a bit of a hope … he’ll come out fully and completely.

Most guys who think they’ve taken the Red Pill haven’t really done so. The beta lives inside. There’s a difference between being aware of the theory, believe in it rationally and accepting it on every level of your personality… even deep down in your subconscious. Even if you thought he’s long dead.

It will crush your belief system, kill a part of your personality and put you in existential crisis. The more you resist it the longer it’s going to last.

It’s not a nice place to be in.

No wonder 99% of people guard their socially conditioned ideals with such ferocity. Even go as far as convincing others, including their friends and family about it. Even go as far as breaking friendships and killing and dying for them.

It’s a question of spiritual life and death. The coward inside, he’ll fight with all he’s got.

But to kill him, means rising again stronger. It means a big step towards realising your potential as a man.

The crash between the old and the new can turn you into a nihilist for a while. It can make you miserable.

But when you finally let it go… that’s when you rise from the ashes.

Kill the idealist in you, so you can make your dreams a reality instead of dreaming about them.

On Being an Asshole

Last time I was in Paris I went to a club at Opera. I was talking to some girls. We were flirting and stuff.

One of them asked, “were you always such an asshole?” I jokingly replied “I used to be a sweet guy, but then I got heartbroken.” The usual cliche…

“Yeah, yeah, every guy says that.” was her response.

Well, maybe not every guy, but quite a few players do. And why the fuck is everyone surprised?

Of course nice guys get hurt. Being sweet in a relationship or generally being a ‘nice guy’ 100% of the time, with women or anyone, always gets you fucked.

As men growing up, we’re sold on an idea of being a prince, a good man, a gentleman, a nice guy, a good colleague, to turn the left cheek when you get slapped on the right.

Hollywood, media, literature, music, the entire culture celebrates the beta male rich prince, that puts his princess on the pedestal, makes her the centre of his universe and treats every bum nicely.

As a young man, you follow this route and… you get fucked.

Of course you do.

Take women for example. No woman wants to fuck a sweet prince. They want his love and his care, not his genes.

They fall in love with the image of a prince charming. Yet they dream about sex with a rockstar.

A prince has a big castle and riches – an essential feature of a beta male provider. Rockstar’s got the reproductive success. If your kid happens to have the same traits, you just won the game of evolution.

On the most biological level, every woman looks for two things in a man – good genes for her children and commitment of resources to ensure her kids grow up and survive.

That’s what she needs and not necessarily from the same guy. 15% of husbands raise other men’s children without knowing about it.

Just like every man looks for a woman with a healthy body to carry his children and good genes that are usually manifested by looks and smarts.

There are no golddiggers son. Just like you don’t want to fuck a fatty, no girl wants a broke loser with a good heart.  

The core instinct behind sex is reproduction. And reproduction is the only biological purpose of our life. That’s why our brain rewards sex with way more pleasure than any other activity, including drinking and eating required for survival.

When it comes to raising kids, women invest the most – their entire body. Thus they need a nice guy to make sure they’re not left alone to do the job of raising his children, while he goes to fuck another one.

At the same time everyone wants to have successful kids. Aggressive, assertive, dominant and confident assholes are more likely to succeed than sweet guys patiently waiting in the corner. To have kids carry their genes is a win in the game of evolution.

That’s because in the stone age, the sweet, patiently waiting guy starved himself to death and never got to reproduce.

That’s why in nature, females bond with betas but fuck with the alpha. The beta helps to take care of her and alpha’s kids and in return he also gets to reproduce.

DNA studies show that up to 50% of birds are fathered by a male other than the one sharing the nest. Among monkeys, the percentage is even higher.

We evolved from same ancestors like monkeys. Over millions of years. We carry the same instincts hardwired in our DNA. Like every other animal.

And we realise that on the subconscious level.

But our society sells us the idea of being a ‘sweet guy.’ Just look at the Hollywood movies… the nice guy wins eventually, the alpha guy is always an unsympathetic asshole that loses in the end…

Whoever promotes that stuff just follows their own reproductive self-interest. We’re hardwired to. Women need more betas so they have someone to provide. Men need more betas so they themselves can do better.

And then, some guys follow their crap and get fucked.

Of course they do. And then they become angry. They give up their bullshit illusions and start ruthlessly pursuing sex and success on the most primal level.

And that’s what men are born to do.

They’re not born to ‘worship god,’ they’re not born to ‘find their other half.’ Religion was created to ensure betas don’t kill the alpha. Romance was created to ensure most men don’t even try to win big time.

You tell me about social constructs like gentlemanship? Yeah they matter. Now. But this world is billions of years old and it’s been governed by rules or biology and physics ever since.

The entire universe is and will be governed by the rules of physics and, wherever there’s life, biology too. Forever. It will never fucking change. Forget about it.

Societal rules, come and go. The ‘nice guy’ bullshit exists for couple hundred years. What’s that compared to billions of years of evolution and trillions of years to come.

The nature doesn’t give a fuck. Social constructs die. Laws of nature prevail.

So what’s the point? The point is that you don’t have to be buying the nice guy bullshit. Nice guys are fucking losers.

You learn it the hard way.

Yeah, as it is with everything, you want to balance both. Be a nice guy, a gentleman when you like to but know when it’s time to be an aggressive, dominant person.

In other words, be an asshole when it matters.

That’s what means being a mature man. Complete assholes don’t get far.

But overall… I’d rather get rejected for being an asshole and win in the long run, than be ‘accepted’ for being a nice guy and get fucked eventually.


Motivation is for Losers

You know how some of these guys share motivational quotes all over their social media as if they were Muhammad Ali himself?

Notice it’s usually the less successful ones among your friends.

Motivation is the new addiction. Everyone is looking to get their hit on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, “Inspirational” blogs, books, movies…

So many believe all it takes is motivation. We have goals and desires, it’s just that motivation to make us get up and get things done.

Get fucking real.

Do you really believe there’s some magical emotion that will do it for you? No work, no struggle needed… all it takes is motivation and things just happen.


Yeah we want quick results, with minimum effort. We’re looking for “secrets” and “uncommon” solutions … magic formulas, nobody else knows.

Because we’re fucking lazy.

Forget about magic formulas. It’s a scam. Motivation is a scam too.

When you get motivated, it only feels good. Do you know why? Because your brain partly believes you’re already successful.

It rewards success with a dopamine hit. And dopamine feels good. That’s why cocaine, gambling or porn are so addictive; they all stimulate your dopamine receptors.

But it’s proper function is to make you do things that make you an evolutionary success. Such as making money and getting laid.

In other words, when you succeed your brain rewards it with a dopamine hit, so you crave that hit next time and repeat the action.

And you’re just wasting it on fantasies, Instagram quotes and other bullshit.

You basically tricked your brain to believe reading motivational quotes, articles and other crap equals success.

If you want to get things done there’s no place for emotions. Because emotions are a burden to execution.

Chuck Close said “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

Yeah having drive helps. Being motivated helps. But motivation should come after you’ve done your work, not before. It should be a reward you crave next time you start.

Real motivation comes with progress. And progress comes with discipline. To have discipline you need to calm your mind and execute. You don’t think or feel, you do. 

Then, after you do something well, you start to feel good about it. And that good feeling is the dopamine. Now you’re using it correctly.

Discipline doesn’t work without a structure. You need to make it clear to yourself what you’re doing.

Having a goal isn’t enough. Minimise the number of actions into simple, easy to execute structure.

If you want to build a body, lift. Want to become a writer? Then write, every day, 15 minutes minimum. Want to build a business? Sell.

Yeah there are many other aspects to take care of. But you want to identify the single element that’s core to getting results, isolate it and do it, daily. Then you build a structure around it.

You lift daily. You might as well start to eat well. You eat well, you might as well count your macros.

You want to start a business. Get a prototype and start selling. Once you’re selling you start seeing what’s missing and you get that done to support your core activity.

You start writing. You write daily. You may as well start improving your style and writing in general.

At the beginning there’s a simple structure and a discipline. Structure and discipline create a system. A system is something that evolves and improves.

Forget motivational bullshit. You’re not meant to be an emotion junkie. Pick one thing, clear your mind and do it repeatedly.